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Kriss Kross – Jump (TBMA Moombacore Remix)

The Bolivian Marching Affair (TBMA) was formed in 2010 by Joey Fisher, Kyle Meagher and Chris Curran. The group has created their own unique sound and they have already started making waves in both their home of Boston and around the world. For now they have created masterful remixes of Britney Spear’s “I Wana Go” and Alice DeeJay’s world famous “Better Off Alone,” but they are in the process of creating their first EP. Today they’re being featured for their Moobahton remix of Kriss Kross’s Jump. Not only does it have the sultry Moombah undertones, but it really slaps with some force as well in a way that makes you want to get up and dance.

Turn it up and enjoy!


Lady Lover – AndDrop!

AndDrop’s latest original track is today’s featured Song of the Day. These guys are going to be huge some day in the not so distant future… you heard it here first. This new track is the epitome of beautiful simplicity. Really sit and listen to this track and appreciate the intricacies of every drum, synth, and vocal of this amazing Moombahton track. One element that really stands out to me is the more subtle use of the Reggaeton beat that can often overwhelm other Moombah tracks. If you’re a fan of AndDrop! be sure to check out their website. Also, if you’re a fan of the newly emerging Moombahton subgenre I strongly recommend checking out this Moombahton blog.

Algebraic Double Whammy and The Great Existential Question

Today I have a special treat in the form of not one, but TWO exclusive new tracks from a new artist by the name of Algebraic. His name is Paul Soto and he brings a unique background of Applied Mathematics to the table in his tunes. This brings to the table the notion of electronic music’s affinity for those who many would not normally think to be attracted to music production. Many producers, like Algebraic, don’t have formal training in music theory, classical piano, or the like. In fact, often times EDM producers do not even have a musical instrument involved in their musical production, instead relying solely on a laptop computer and a pair of headphones. While none can argue that Algebraic’s tunes are inspiring works of a Electro and Electro-infused Moombahton, this begs the question: Is it really music? Obviously I am biased, so I’d like to hear your opinion.

Algebraic – Pon Roborobo ft. Tha Suspect | Direct Download Here

Algebraic – Vodka Ananas ft. MAK | Direct Download Here

If you like this genre of music, check out Sound Logik’s page on Moombahton. I’ll also be featuring a post dedicated to living life at 110 BPM (the beats per minute of Moombahton) in the near future.












AndDrop! – Dumb

A few weeks ago I sat down to interview AndDrop!, an electro and dubstep producing trio who have enjoyed smashing success in both South Africa and the Bay Area. Today they have just released their newest original track entitled Dumb, so it was clearly top of the list for the Song of the Day. They have a few new songs in the works, so I’ll be posting them as they’re released. Be sure to check them out at, and if your interested in staying up to date on new releases follow them on Twitter @Anddrop

Song of the Day 10.11.11

                  J Flash – That’ll Work Single Cover Art

Today I’m featuring another rising star in the world of House music by the name of J Flash. The synth on this track reminds me of many Dutch House anthems, but J Flash, a producer out of Boulder, Colorado, puts his own spin on the genre. I’ve been playing this song in my sets for a while now and people always make a point to ask me something along the lines of, “What’s that one song you just played??” with beaming excitement.

J Flash – That’ll Work

I’m always one to support an up and coming artist, so be sure to visit Beatport to purchase this one if you like it.

Alternatively, you can grab the track HERE at This Song Is Sick

Song of the Day 10.7.11

Today’s song of the day is from the French producer Electrik Haze. He originally performed in France and Spain starting in 2006 under the name “Haze.”

You can definitely hear the French influence in this track. It has some awesome bass line and the riffs are reminiscent of a particular pair of helmet-donning French producers.

Song of the Day 10.6.11

Today I have another Bay Area local producing under the name Wild Animals. His name is Aaron Gourdin, a student at UC Berkeley.

Todays Song of the Day, Funky Gum, is an interesting blend of the synth and melodic elements of Dutch House and a classic Reggaeton beat with a bit of funky latin flavor. For those not aboard the Moombah-train yet, new sub-genre of EDM is known as Moombahton

Q: How did you get into producing and DJing electronic music?

A: I got into DJing and producing about exactly one year ago after I went to a couple EDM shows and decided it was my true calling.

Q: The song of yours we’re featuring today is a Moombahton track, tell me a little about the genre and what you like most about it.

A: I heard moombah when it was first getting big like 6-8 months ago and fell in love, it has a great tempo, not too fast, not too slow, perfect for getting some really nice swinging rhythms going. Plus I’m already really into Dutch House so it was a natural progression. I don’t typically play moombah in my sets, but I love to produce it and I’m currently working on getting enough moombah material to be able to do whole sets with it.

Q: What inspires you to do what you do?

A: I would say my main inspirations are any tracks that make you wanna just jump up and down with a huge smile on your face, you’ll hear a lot of that kind of stuff in my sets and see me doing a lot of that when I DJ.

If you’re interested in seeing Wild Animals perform stop by Berkeley’s Casa Zimbabwe housing Co-op from 11:30pm to 1am at their Elopement Party.

Song of the Day 10.5.11

Original Track from Fiasko Daniels “Let Me In”

Young producer and DJ currently based out of SF. This electro-house has a lot of flare and a pretty sick melodic riff. I could definitely see this one getting thrown down and really giving the crowd some energy.