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Epic DJ Battle: A New Game by Kyle Meshna

A screenshot of gameplay. Click the image to play

As a side project I decided to create a basic 2 Dimensional arcade game in which the user plays a DJ attempting to defeat the evil Record Executive that is attempting to steal his tunes with the help of evil minions. Prior to starting the game I had no experience coding or creating games of any kind, so I elicited the use of GameSalad, a freemium online software that allows users to create games using graphic design and drag-and-drop behavior and attribute functionality.

To play simply use the Left and Right arrow keys to move, the Up key to jump and Spacebar to shoot. Collect the DJ gear when it appears and defeat all the enemies before losing 5 lives to win. Click the screenshot above or the link below to play

Disclaimer: the game is still a bit glitchy, so bear with me.