Song of the Day 10.6.11

Today I have another Bay Area local producing under the name Wild Animals. His name is Aaron Gourdin, a student at UC Berkeley.

Todays Song of the Day, Funky Gum, is an interesting blend of the synth and melodic elements of Dutch House and a classic Reggaeton beat with a bit of funky latin flavor. For those not aboard the Moombah-train yet, new sub-genre of EDM is known as Moombahton

Q: How did you get into producing and DJing electronic music?

A: I got into DJing and producing about exactly one year ago after I went to a couple EDM shows and decided it was my true calling.

Q: The song of yours we’re featuring today is a Moombahton track, tell me a little about the genre and what you like most about it.

A: I heard moombah when it was first getting big like 6-8 months ago and fell in love, it has a great tempo, not too fast, not too slow, perfect for getting some really nice swinging rhythms going. Plus I’m already really into Dutch House so it was a natural progression. I don’t typically play moombah in my sets, but I love to produce it and I’m currently working on getting enough moombah material to be able to do whole sets with it.

Q: What inspires you to do what you do?

A: I would say my main inspirations are any tracks that make you wanna just jump up and down with a huge smile on your face, you’ll hear a lot of that kind of stuff in my sets and see me doing a lot of that when I DJ.

If you’re interested in seeing Wild Animals perform stop by Berkeley’s Casa Zimbabwe housing Co-op from 11:30pm to 1am at their Elopement Party.


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