Where did EDM come from?? Part II (Penetration into the UK)

Last week I posted a brief introduction to the world of House Music and its origins in Chicago warehouses. This week I would like to continue to present this topic in an attempt to uncover the origins of the massive anual Electronic Dance Music–or EDM for short–festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas or Tommorowland in Boom, Belgium. Even a brief look at these events shows hundreds of thousands of party goers enjoying days of pounding beats and and melodic synthesizers in a festival full of unity and cheer (not to mention the epic lights and lasers). However this was not always the face of the electronic music culture.

A major moment in the rise of Electronic music was the progression from Chicago’s house scene to the United Kingdom. The true beginning of the globalization of Chicago’s house music can be marked by a track from one of the Godfathers of House, Steve “Silk” Hurley. This track is “Jack Your Body,” a reference to the name of the dance associated with early all night dance parties in the underground Chicago House culture.

What made this track so relevant was the degree of its penetration into the UK pop scene. While House music had remained largely underground in the United States, “Jack Your Body” became the first Chicago House track to reach number one on the UK Pop charts in January of 1987. This moment marks the magnitude of the international reach of Electronic Music. The Godfathers of House toured throughout the United Kingdom later that year, an indication of the clear popularity of early Electronic Music in the UK.

Be sure to read after the break to learn how DJs in Europe embraced the Chicago house music to make it their own.

The Hacienda apartments stand on the site of "The Hacienda" nightclub, which became an apartment complex after 1997 Photo Credit: Gene Hunt 2007

The building pictured stands where one of most influential clubs in the UK House scene, The Haçienda in Manchester, England. DJs at this club embraced House music produced by Chicago DJs and began producing their own House music in 1986.

Although the club reported losses in its early years, starting in 1986 Mike Pickering began spinning House music at the infamous “Nude” night. The club soon became a huge success, with Pickering playing most nights, including Ibiza inspired “Hot” night.


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  1. Reach for the Sun

    Interesting. Didn’t know house moved from Chicago to Europe. I liked how you gave a bit of what was to come before the break to keep the reader reading. I am interested in learning about how electronic music is affecting the world and people today.

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